See What You Breathe

Sprimo was founded in 2015 by Ray Combs and Harold Han, PhD who felt there should be a smarter and more efficient way to breathe clean air in personal spaces. Both founders have their own stories of how poor air quality has negatively impacted their lives and wanted to change the status quo of air filters. After years of lab testing, Sprimo was built on a core belief that air quality should be measured in real-life environments, which are often very different than those tested in a lab.

The Sprimo Personal Air Monitor is the world’s smallest air monitor, and attaches directly to your iPhone.

The Sprimo Personal Air Monitor is useful wherever life takes you: hotel rooms, vacation rentals, school classrooms, home office, workspace and more. Get a better vision into what you’re breathing and your well-being with Sprimo!

Ray Combs

Co-Founder & CEO

Ray has held senior management roles at a variety of companies, including Amazon, Lytro, Palm and LiveScribe. His products have sold millions of units and won numerous awards. Ray has a degree in Computer Science from Washington State University.

Harold Han

Co-Founder & CTO

Harold has devoted years to lab experiments to fine-tune chemical filtration and holds several patents & scientific publications in the field. He was a former synthetic chemist at Bio-Rad Laboratories and holds a PhD in Chemistry from New York University.